23 shots – ryan @ryangottheheat текст песни

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talk down and we uppin the chop
23 shots boy twirl then he drop
forgot grams we taking whole stock
if she tryna f*ck i’m like hoe stop
i hate when people try to be what they not
try to
and manz get shot
we on his ass he can not relax
this 9 on him and he collapse
we got him like he had relapse
of of them drugs
never forget where i came from
519 bloods
we giving these shots like we giving some hugs
i was around them hustler scammers and thugs
i got some red shooter i got some blue shooter ya we some buds
you throw rock
we throwing bolders
don’t f*ck around
knock his head off his shoulders
i keep that glock in my boxers
we some demon n we some monsters
people swarm around his body like this a concert

- ryan ryangottheheat текст песни