2k18 part 1 – saint christopher текст песни

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*verse #1*

i stay stressin’, +
ain’t no restin’, +
i’m at best western, +
wit’ thiz wesson, +
and i’m clutchin’ it tight =
ain’t no question, +
wit’ thiz weapon, +
get*2*steppin’, +
all that flexin’, +
gonnah’ make me sn*tch yah’ f*ckin’ life =
what i done seen, +
by eighteen, +
ah’ bustah’ would fold*n*break =
told my team, +
follow my dream, +
we gon’ make what we can make =
evvah’ so clean, +
hittin’em’ sting’z, +
we gon’ take what we can take =
on tha’ scene, +
clockin’ ah’ fiend, +
let’z make thiz green, +
*4*god’z sake =
we juzt wanna’ be wealthy, +
plot*n*scheme*2*get rich =
i let it slide, +
when you lied, +
almost had*2*side, +
wit’ ah’ snitch =
cut tha’ rope, +
cut tha’ check =
immuh’ die, +
*4*thiz respect =
nevvah’ tah’ joke, +
pop*n*yah’ grey cassette =
turn up yah’ f*ckin’ deck =
i stay posted, +
wit’ theze vulture’z, #
servin’em’ pack’z*2*em’ duck’z =
i’m devoted, +
*2*thiz culture, +
droppin’ ah’ couple ah’ stack’z on you f*ck’z =
shiesty*n*righteouz, +
what i label that wh0re =
yet’, fiesty*n*spineless, +
my bottom b*tch, i adore =
evvah’ so clean, +
triple beam, +
tremendouz az that vision you sell =
clockin’ et’ cream, +
gab supreme, +
wit’ thiz wisdom i prevail =
struttin’ off, so double deep, +
*n*tha’ mothah’f*ckin’ stattic =
859, tha’ $ity of king’z, +
knuckle deep*n*ah’ f*ggot =
*munchiez verse*
boi, we get it poppin’
got my bruddaz right beside me
can’t, trust, so ey’ opp’n
make me itch, like poison ivy
mane, we, god’z move*n*silence
otw*2*tha’ check
if i want it, immuh’ kop it
(puff puff)
b*tch, essah’ bet!!!
now er one of’em wunn mix & chop my sh*t
so fire, no retire, the way i be poppin et heat
loving my money
b*tch, there ain’t no stopping
(nevvah seen nothing like this baby….)
(you loving my pocketz)
layin it down
boi you ah’ clown
stay*n*theze streets
munchie ah’ king
(get it then kidddd!!!!)
??? puffin’ on tha’ loud
whether she riding or dying, i’m taking off flying
you know that i’m grinding up to the tec
run it up, run it up
b*tch etz ah bet
itz munchie dakidd
boi you know what it is
i stay lo*key bout my sh*t
screaming lit
rememberin them dayz when i ain’t even have ah pot to p*ss
but its ok, stay about minez mane, lyricz make u sick
my sh*t lit
got you painted back, stuck up in yo head
i ain’t got no ???
i just want the muller wit ah jeweler, give ah f*ck about tha fame
?? till i see ?? to the heavens gates
(hey, hey)

*verse #2*saint christopher*

flip dahhn’, +
*n*let’ch’you feel thiz f*ckin’ pain =
bust that c.i.*n*tha’ mouth, +
*n*sn*tch durtie’z chain =
patnah’ f*ckin’ stuck on stump, +
wit’ thiz patience*n*ah’*40* =
no mistakin’, +
none takin’, +
trynnah’ get through*2*f*ck shorty =
dark day’z, drenched*n*pain, +
suffer*n*endlezz pack’z=
immuh’ take thiz f*ckin’ pain, +
*n*trade it*4*ah’ strap =
no hand*out’z needed f*ck boi, +
you’re playa’ hatin’ disqust’z me =
my back*hand deployed +
breakin’ b*tchez’ corrupt’z me =
welcome*2*win*$ity mothah’f*ckah’, +
where you either, go broke or insane =
where them b*tchez’ suck d*ck, +
and em’ playa’z sell cane =
immuh’*2*time fellon, +
breakin’ b*tchez’ iz my game =
knockin’ pipe up*n*hah’ belly, +
heavy az f*ck iz my name =
b*tch peeped’em’ duck’z, +
now, shorty wanna’ rock =
take ah’ short*cut, +
roll up*n*hah’ spot =
take everything that she got, +
f*ck ah’ scheme, f*ck ah’ plot =
beam me up scotty, +
*17*n*my glock =
i only shoot*2*k!ll, +
what tha’ f*ck’z ah’ warning shot =
playa’, best believe, +
that i loved et’ sh*t=
came wit’ my hand’z out, +
*n*thugged et’ b*tch =
call me when you wan’t, +
but, don’t call me*4*ah’ front =
ducked off*n*slumped, +
twistin’ ah’ tight blunt =
haddah’ switch it up, +
so i hit tha’ book’z =
ovvah’ here, still f*ckin’ screamin’, +
“ain’t no such thing az half*way crook’z” =

- saint christopher текст песни