3 am nights – santoro текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

never said i wanna be like you
i’m making moves cause i wanna move
going on up lat-tude
f-ck the street that is your avenue

i don’t forget trust me i see what you do when i don’t throw a p-ss at you
i don’t stay mad at you but believe me when i tell you that this is all capital

f-ck your b-tch f-ggot att-tude
throw that sh-t back like a lateral
woke soul is on adderall
i am the house capital

if you decide that you f-ck with me know that we go and we f-ck on the regula
only two reasons to be on your knees lord knows i am not a minista

if i’m asking, only once
never catch me asking twice
say you tall where the height?
say you mean where the fight?

here we go again people talking
people always wanna do the talking
no one ever wants to do the walking
needing action
for the profit

late nights only cause i’m running sh-t
they be sleeping on me let ’em rest a bit
i ain’t worried about nothing let it rip
run it up run it up yeah

run it up i’ve been doing it for so long
late nights til the sun rise with the beat on
i’ve been having conversations with mang
what i wanna get what i wanna make

responsibility of the realist i don’t know if they get it
but they gotta deal with all the feelings i don’t know what you popping in
consequently i do the same thing never doing just always maybe
cause when i do me they call me crazy now my crazy is everything

all the while taking l’s to the face
quick to cut someone if they acting fake
no time for bull when you come around here no
my business and my personal is on the low

i said i’d leave once i make a mixtape
the summer coming out with a mixtape
this winter i told her that i was mixing
m.j. is the only girl i’m…

faded i’m f-cking faded
don’ ask be about the concentration i know its heavy
now i’m living in the moment i am the agent
i f-cking chose it here’s the recipe
learn to let it be

- santoro текст песни