i used to have a heart – say anything текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

i used to have a heart worth a billion bucks
now it’s sh-tty, shoddy cheap
sell it in my sleep for the fakes to eat
while they kiss my -ss and tell me what i need:
s-x fiends with a vacant dream, a tattoo of a soul
and the words you said, still ringing in my head
wonder where the love they stole is hiding

all i want to do is be mended by you
i don’t want to be confused, i just want to find you
all i want to kill is that which keeps me ill
underwhelmed and unfulfilled

(they’re in denial) of the knowledge
that they’re living in a lame excuse
(they’re in denial) of the fat they’re fed
it’s like they’re gorging on the truth
(it’s not alright with me) the love i lack, i need, i want you back
(it’s not alright with me) the circle torn apart, i used to have a heart

i used to know a girl with the deepest trust
that a man could ever know
i broke her neck from the lack of respect
i learned as an embryo on the west coast
where the dead paint hollywood red
the facade is well-fed with the blood of the capulets
spread like jelly on bread across the doors of the first-borns
weaned from birth on meds

all i want to say is this could be ok
i don’t want to be a slave, i just want to spend my days
wondering through the haze, your voice to lead the way

i can finally go and say:
there you are in front of me, luminescent as you used to be
just sing the saddest song for me, revive me

- say anything текст песни