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Songtext von rolling stone – schoolboy q lyrics

подождите пожалуйста...

rolling stone
(feat. ab-soul, jay rock, kendrick lamar (black hippy))

drugs and girls
uh, show me some love, my love
last time i checked, you loved my love
placed nothing above my love
if you leave, come back, like above your b-tt
no ifs, ands or buts
yes i’m fishing, but i still wanna fill you up
“when the love runs high”
hah, just when you thought enough was enough
i’m a kid in a museum and i just wanna touch
every part of your body, tie you up and get naughty

[kendrick lamar]
hoe, we up in this party, hiiipower, money showers
all the ladies wanna kick it with mr. miyagi
pull up, pull up, bring it back, come rewind
i wanna touch up and down your spine
“when the love runs high”
hmm, a perfect ten living on cloud nine

i like to drink all the time, f-ck all the time
anything that can get me out of my mind
i’m a rolling stone who needs another home
especially “when the love runs high”
(now everybody in the place)
tote, tote, tote, tote
tote, tote, tote, tote
(do it till you can’t feel your face)
chug, chug, chug, chug
chug, chug, chug, chug
(everybody in the place)
tote, tote, tote, tote
tote, tote, tote, tote
(do it till you can’t feel your face)
chug, chug, chug, chug
(now stop, and just groove)

[schoolboy q]
uh, faded off life
see the dope man, time to get right
uh, open up a bud light
don julio, coronas, comas
bad b-tches, bad b-tches
calling bad b-tches, bring your friend to be a witness
uh, “when the love runs high”
pfft, whatever that mean
uh, need a shot, you the vaccine
you pumping through my veins, i’m a crack fiend
uh, you’re the crack
uh, drive your -ss all night, meet the chauffeur

[jay rock]
bend you over in a rover, it’s over
never sober, my cup runneth over
“when the love runs high”
better know girl, you f-cking with a soldier


[jay rock]
blunts and broads
drinking on liquor that’s hard, oh my god
baby tryna grab my drawers
they call me dozer, i knock down walls
jose, that’s my homie
he’ll have you calling earl in a hallway
“when the love runs high”
i gotta come down just to party
i’m turned up, maxed out
willie manchester, blow your back out
baby girl, my advice, better back out
got that dope stick, i’m the crack house

listen ma, i got a role you can act out
and then like prince’ pants, get yo’ -ss out
i don’t need a princess, i need a mistress
i’ll stick a d-ck in a damsel in distress


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