32 oz – scientiphika текст песни

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32 oz, 200 pounds, ten toes to the ground, i’m getting ready for summer, only time you’ll see me out is when i’m stunting, coast to coast i run it, the marathon continues and i ain’t even broke a sweat, raise the bar like i’m in the yard getting in my reps, in the grand scheme i’m but a spec observed by the spectators, i take the steps while they on the elevator, talk that talk to elevate ya, its hyperbolic inside this particle accelerator, it dont take much but a rice bowl to ward off the microbes, every month dropping like the vitals of the weak, it’s the type of isolation that breeds mastery, an ongoing rapsody similar to an arachnids tapestry, most happy when my fros nappy and in my fugly, tiger stripes i’m husky, 32 oz, don’t get rusty

- scientiphika текст песни