2001 – seï k (7777) текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

intro : aye what? seï is back again
yeah yeah, what what?
yo yo, check this out yo, aye, check this out yo

verse 1 : mean and bad like, dennis the menace
i don’t play like tennis, yes i’m real like a senate
let me send it, joey, i’m a beast with these flows
n0body this cold like my man frozone
i keep sh*t like i’m jaden smith
if you ain’t with this then come and suck this d*ck
i’m a true lyricist and i’m just too sick, like aids n*gga
you gon die real quick
a to the k call me ak47. i know i’mma call this track, if i stеp in
i wreck it
they say sound is vibration and it got my mind shaking and i feel it vibrating like my man king steelo
you know, wisе cuz my third eye wide and i also despise all of you guys who dare come test me, so don’t flex cuz i’ll break your neck and your crew cuz
i don’t give a f*ck
good luck, i’ll f*ck you up in a minute son
no fun like joji, stacks fat like choji, like god i’m holy
in the jungle like we in jumanji, i don’t care n*gga you can’t see me
i floss and i got sauce like a muhf*ckin boss like rick ross n*gga

verse 2 : yo yo yo, young soul but i’m told that my mind old, shiny and so rare like a pot of gold, i’m too strong cuz i’m something that you can’t hold, talk sh*t and get fold like some f*ckin clothes
i just roll with my eyes on a blindfold, so behold, i’m hard like some cold
uncontrolled but with time you’ll see me shine in the near future
rhyme game eminem, tasty like an m&m, you’re too feminine
a real spitta, yea you got the picture, that’s a real lecture, yea i’mma let ya go, i flow hard like water, so don’t bother, 18 but i’ll still rip out ya spleen, na’ mean? i’mma dip and i’m the cleanest that you’ve ever seen

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