11:59 pm – skit – seth bowman текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

[intro: seth bowman, ka$h & king andrew]
well sh*t i guess it’s that time again

you already know

shall we

f*ck it big bets

f*ck it you know what they say

me and my brothers thinks she look the best when she’s dressed in supreme

f*ck it

so i’m thinking about starting this album with a public service announcement gone wrong type sh*t but i’m not sure

nah bro you gotta do something original even though that sh*ts dope
and chris if you don’t take this motherf*cking bong ima beat you over the head with it

my bad g
i can’t smoke cause i’m on this probation bullsh*t

d*mn well then pass that sh*t here then p*ssy

f*ck ya

- seth bowman текст песни