22tmr – shanii22 текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

now look into your mind (yeah)
and find out what you’re running from, tomorrow (ayye)
might be (shanii22) just another day

what you running from tomorrow
lemme borrow a couple dimes, a couple
nickels i can follow
i ain’t give a f*ck about, you can chill it you can borrow
you can take it, you can break it
you can spit it, you can swallow. (yeah)

yeah we kicking it, you could get it tomorrow
tryna build a future but we watching hamataro
ever since a kid, we be blasting on the tv screen
fast forward years f*cked around and bought a limousine

catch you in between (find out what you’re running from)
and my love never changed, every f*cking now and then
we been caught, told your mother,, we was chilling with some friеnds
we be gotten likе we get it, you can get it now again
yeah we f*cking up, every now and then
nah i ain’t really care about it cus we splitting with the bands
and she chilling with my friends, she dont got her f*cking hands up
switching sides on em, motherf*cker better bang up
yeah we tryna hang around some b*tches that would bang us
yeah she got me sitting in recliners with the handcuffs
i ain’t really listen to the k!llers boy they cannin us
they ain’t really care about what they caught on cameras
spinning in them circles and im spitting on the canvas
steady buying side chicks 30 pairs of vans’
ever tryna bring it up we catching what we slapping
we snapping it, break a camel back up in damascus

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