20 years – sharon s. текст песни

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in 20 years from now, i’m wondering, where will i be?
20 years, what kinda fire is burning inside of me?
20 years, where is my biggest passion driving me?
am i still rapping on stage or is all of this behind of me?
when all these years pass what kinda person will i be?
mama praying for me, her love is so heavenly
i promise sk!lls and also kindness should be guaranteed
and maybe the industry and i still can’t agree
for sure i will never stop flowing over beats
and i won’t stop writing k!ller lines after i roll the weed
honestly, you could never take the rapper out of me
not in 20 years, not in 123
in 20 years i know i wanna have me some children
maybe two or three, a hubby and dog in addition
i wanna learn how to cook up some magic in the kitchen
after i cook up in the booth something for you to listen
in 20 years i want a house without neighbors b*tching
play my music loud then do it on stage, made it a living
growing a fan base but will they still be supportive?
in 20 years do i pick up producing while recording?
if youtube still going i hope i’m still putting in content
no clue if in 20 years i still get love in the comments
one thing is making music but can i still afford it?
yeah, i wanna do me but what if life doesn’t cooperate?
in 20 years, i pray i never forget what’s really important
like, what will i see when i look at our family portrait?
youngest of three, thoughts coming up that i haven’t thought yet
hate to admit it i’m scared in 20 years i might be an orphan
thinking too much or loving too hard, i will forever pray for them
i love my parents so much, can’t thank them enough for being supportive
in 20 years from now i’m hoping i have made the best of if
20 years go fast we better make the best of it

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