3 musketeers – shemar childs текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

paved from the break yeah we made it
they whip norms we talk back they hate it
i hate doors they close up these cages
got me thinking up who needs the saving

he a dog b-tch laced up his bone
she a birdy just tryna make a home
ima fish got lost on my own
together we up gon straight to the dome

verse 1:
free advance and free of chance we never doubt it
was free at birth we walk the earth and handle bout it
give me the pants ill lead the troops i screamed and shouted
a team of us we saddle up and go about it

i hate n-ggas who think that they on one
and hoes who need a crew just to pop em
they so down and average your lonesome
get more cl-ss you patrick you’re so dumb

(scream laugh)

re-really and w-lly w-lly you getting silly

- shemar childs текст песни