3-peat – shittyboyz текст песни

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[intro: babytron]

[verse 1: babytron]
bags underneath my eyes, b*tch i need sleep
but i’m out of town jammin’ ’til i hear a beep beep
scorin’ now, feel like shaq with the 3p
in the stu’ with h*lly, nah boy, f*ck your free beat

[verse 2: stanwill]
fireman on my ass cause i keep heat
put your dusty ass fits down, f*ck a three piece
squarin’ up, i’ll send you where the priests be
reachin’ for the b*lls, b*tch a freak freak

[verse 3: trdee]
told that b*tch give me sp*ce, i need three feet
your whole team full of perpin’ n*ggas that be three deep
she mad, i’m just tryna hit her like a [?]
to be a hunnid i’ma spin her ass like a cd

[verse 4: babytron]
tryna wrestle? i ain’t randy orton though
we walk around with movie clips, we the warner bros
i brought that b*tch in and out like a corner store
foreign ho sucked the whole d*ck, f*ck a boring ho

[verse 5: stanwill]
told her it’s my all, gave that b*tch a quarter though
sixty for a [?] boy you can’t afford to blow
love from the bay but i’m on to florida hoes
black and white raf simons, steppin’ in some oreos

[verse 6: trdee]
got real n*gga in my veins, you was born a ho
her momma down stairs, still [?]
[?] i ain’t really wanna hit the ho
we doin’ ten if they see this, baby close the door

[verse 7: babytron]
it’s over for your granny if i get her ssn
exquisite [?] with the spikes, what i’m steppin’ in
devil knockin’ on the door, i can’t let him in
b*tch ran off with my heart once, learned my lesson then

[verse 8: stanwill]
kung lao how i punch you with this mega bin
turned off swiss cheese if i up the fn then
do i look like ai? who you questioning?
scat too loud, i’ma pull up in the tesla then

[verse 9: trdee]
tryna pull up to the store? we gotta test this bin
real sauce on me, boy call me method man
right hook so strong, i’ma test his chin
up right now, f*ck who next to win

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