criminal – shwinn текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

i’m a m-th-f-ckin criminal black hoodie black mask hat brim sittin
interfering with the guala we gone let them pistols blow
blowin saks of reefer to remind that i’m with the smoke
gettin to the bands like a day job
wordplay toxic everything i spit napalm
my bars gold and radon
you come up on my radar
i’ll turn ya shirt red like you got lit up with some paintb-lls
you know i’m cold
don’t talk if i get knocked boy i know the role code lyoko strapped w blades this sh-t is ninja scroll
cruisin through my city i’m saint but keep a semi they like who dat windows tinted black and gold vehicle spinnin
n-ggas switch teams like ab but we real in my faction
strapped like insurgents
divergent bouls is gettin blasted
add the bands that’s mathematics
grab the pack break it to fractions
cause my family gotta eat
that white girl flipping acrobatics

you smoke a eighth in day
i smoke a eighth in a dutchie
i keep the nine on my waste in case these n-ggas wanna jump me
imma kick if he punchin
shwinny always one uppin
if he kick imma bust him
we won’t get to discuss it
cause if somebody wanna war i bring the end to my enemies
strapped like al quida you think bin ladin was a kin to me
no friends of me my friendimies
they tried to bring an end to me
they leaving with some injuries but lucky that they kept they life
my weapon tight my wisdom high aware of all the judas
my demeanor like satan but stay kosher like the jewish
how’d he do it that’s exclusive
they can’t copy off my blueprint
live my life the way i want to
you can hear it in my music
i make waves like boats in the water
b-tch i’m the captain crusin
i’m the goat makin plays
i’m the tom brady when i do this
ghostin b-tches when they text me
rippin moles and drinkin pepsi
i’m still here and that’s impressive i’m alive and that’s a blessing

chat conversation end
type a message…

- shwinn текст песни