17 – silas текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

yeah, yeah, yeah, ayy

when i didn’t have a dollar, and no one believed
spark a blunt, we on the run, f*ck our enemies
politicians in revelations, no pot to p*ss in
we c*cked a bl!cky
just like i’m 50, get rich the mission
been broke as f*ck all my life, now i’m unforgiving
the greedy, the bitter, remember them nights in the cold
fifty*five, ride on busses, with my pockets low
wintertime, with the heat hidden in my coat
pull it out if you do me foul, [?] i’m shooting [?]
2014, i’m sixteen, kicking the sixteens
stocked in with the flows, we assisting
pray these people looking at my art like the sistine
man these words mean everything to me
but no one else could understand how it feel to be alone
not a place to call home
got a bench, bills in my pockets
never got along with the street life
it just wasn’t for me
turned me into who i am, but now i f*ck up a beat
went from zero to hero, a goodfella, robert de niro
they never could feel how i feel though
i’m losing my mind like shapiro, but f*ck it
that’s hereditary
i’m tryna do this sh*t different, something legendary
just a motherf*cking kid, from the bottom, from the slums
got it all from above
i appear with a smile on my face
never felt that way, here come feel the pain from my younger days
this won’t be accepted from my folks
if this lemonade, bittersweet memories as years pass get away
i think i’m scared of my mama’s division, of what it used to be
used to cry myself to sleep, that never felt new to me
oldies, i’m sick of hearing knocks from the police
hearing wind whistle in the winter, what’s for dinner?
i was prolly better off in the sewer, chasing cheese like master [?]
my mama did everything she could, i understand
i’m a man now, realizing that sh*t just hit the fan
remember that whole feeling, know we buried in the sand
back in maryland, like a fairytale, till the very end
seventeen, seventeen

[verse two]
yeah, i used to fantasize right here about this f*cking life
cutting diamonds with the pain, wrist is full of ice
back in wintertime, walking through our coldest nights
process memories and feelings, now you scared of heights
it’s all my passion, mixed with the potent
sixteen, chilling with my pops, wonder if he notice
we only bond when we drinking
relationships is sinking
tried to off myself, pen hit the pad, had me thinking
and i never told bobby, but he saved my life
dropped the genesis, he called me up, and said, “you getting nice”
flew me out to la, it was my first time on the plane
back in gaithersburg, sh*t was never gonna change
i was ’bout to be homeless, not a dollar to my name, but he didn’t know
maybe it was pride, maybe i was seventeen
didn’t want my hero seeing tears out my eyes
the night before i left, he asked me where you ’bout to go
i just told him, “thank you,” as the tears started to flow
goin’ out to la, seeing what was possible
made me realize that i could hurdle all these obstacles
cause he had made it out the same sh*t
out the same neighborhood, really through that lame sh*t
i’m talking west deer, i’m talking german town
five years later, finally got it off my chest
now it’s all bobby boy records till the f*ckin’ death, like

- silas текст песни