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“my alien”

i’m sick of being alone, when are you coming home?
just a glimpse of your face
i can remember smelling your hair, i’ll meet you anywhere
somewhere that no one can retrace
somewhere where no one will know our faces

she has two arms to hold me
four legs to wrap around me
she’s not your typical girlfriend
she’s my alien
my alien

she knows when something is wrong, when something doesn’t belong
she can read in my mind
and she can be -ssured that with me, there is no conspiracy
shes not wasting her time
she can take me to the place that she calls home,
in a sp-ceship that will someday be my own
please take me to your leader
tell her i will surrender
i will surrender


my alien [repeat 4x]

[chorus (repeat 2x)]

i bought the astranauts kit
now all i needs a rocket
my love, intergallactic friend
she’s my alien

- simple plan текст песни