100k – skittlesdidthat текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

uh, uh, uh
turn me up a lil’ bit, uh
uh, uh, uh, uhh
ay, woo!
yeah, uh
i*i*i*i love chris rich
100k on the coupe, yeah yeah
f*ck with britney, imma shoot god d*mn
uh, huh
100k on the coupe
f*ck with britney, imma shoot god d*mn
yeah, uh
100k on the coupe yeah
wait, huh, uh, huh
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
100k on the coupe
wait, huh
100k on the coupe, yeah yeah

you know how we do, we finna shoot
f*ck on that b*tch, she giving me top
run with the glizzy, we shoot at the rock
run with the chop, we shoot at your body
run with the glocks, we pull up with a body
i chill, if you say i chill, meet me in the lobby
run with the glizzy, and we saying “rrrr!”
what do you know, what do you know?
talkin trash, huh?
you don’t even (you dont even!)
i wish you’d pull up with a glizzy
you don’t want smoke no, hah!
you super broke yeah
we finna blow man
he talking pressure, he get hit
i’m with the glizzy, get hit
he talkin trash, he get hit
all of my diamonds be wet
i want a coupe, want a jet
i’m finna hop on the jet
thats what i’m talking bout (lets go!)
i’m finna ride (lets go!)
i’m in the rari rari, go!
yeah, ridin in the rari

100k on the coupe, god d*mn
100k on the coupe
huh, uh
100k on the coupe
uh, uh
yeah, 100k on the coupe
yeah, uh, uh
yeah, 100k on the coupe
yeah, uh

- skittlesdidthat текст песни