07.04.15 – skydiamond текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

[verse 1: skydiamond}
i’m slowly drinking drifting off
lift my heart and watch it drop
chest pains aching mental thoughts
i try to breath instead i cough
can’t sleep at night with out your love
it’s been 4 years with out your touch
you gotta family yes i’m proud
am i depressed just might be lost
i make this music hope your proud

dying thirst i need your poison
i miss the p runs where’s the closure
all these pictures in my folder
i stalk your twitter and your shoulder
now i’m broken no words spoken
miss our jokes drugs now i’m flowing
every song is about our emotion
hope to see you when i’m floating

sick living reminiscing life’s a b*tch
no pot to p*ss in
i’m in this liquor barely swimming
a wooden home that i be digging
so leave mе roses time is ticking
done with fishing donе with risking
what’s the purpose i ant missing

cuts and scars my flesh is ripping
all these lyrics i’ve been written
all about the f*cks i’ve given
every thing that i have cherished
leave me buried i won’t fear it
my time is coming i’m so careless
my family dying so i guess i fit in
i’ll take advantage of addiction

- skydiamond текст песни