bottom of the ocean – sleep on it текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

now that its over, and all is said and done
would i see you at my funeral, when i’m dead and gone?
hope to see you on the altar
humming along to our song

my faith has been shaken, lost myself in the sound
i could see that the ending was staring me down
took the road that led us nowhere
to get lost and not be found

and i’m tired of feeling alone
these walls we’ve built don’t make a home
and this weight that is pulling me down
is lifting you off of the ground

now that it’s over, and all is said and done
everything i feared has come true, hurts my hand to hold on
where’s your fire? where’s the p-ssion?
everyone that you knew is gone

i talk to the ceiling, let it sink in my bones
at the bottom of the ocean, breathing deep, breathing slow
you hope that you’ll float
through that hole in the sky, below

don’t want to feel so f-cking much, now
it’s all too real, i tense at your touch

- sleep on it текст песни