1 text – slim flock текст песни

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ayo what you sayin baby
i just been working at the stu ya feel me
if you finna pull up just pull up
i’ma be here all night, iight 100
come thru girl don’t waste no time on it
blow a bag for you cause i’m back on it
yea yea
why yo ex n*gga watching
he ain’t got no stacks on it
all these racks in the duffel
best believe a n*gga flaunt it, flaunt it
diamonds bussin out the litre
kicking game like addidas
all these n*ggas copy watching
hating on me i know that
they wanna be us
tell em n*ggas that we 3 up
in the cut boy i’m t’d up
ysl got the c’s on it
had to throw a couple d’s up
bad b*tches sucking for a dolla
had to kick em in and out the door
cash told me had to get the money
so a n*gga back on the road
dodging all these b*tches in the city wait
cause a n*gga bout to blow
i’ont cuff em ima player
shawty you know how the game go
i put some drip on yo neck
diamonds be getting you wet
b*tch do not get no finesse
i had to run up a check
audemar drip for the wrist
i represent for my set
shawty wanna gimmie neck
my shooter aiming for ya head
mobbin yea yea yea yea
mobbin yea mmm mmm
1 text i’m pulling
i’m pulling up on you, up on you
pulling up on you
gotta get back on the road
trap jumping on the low
i’m runnin roun wit the zoe’s
b*tch you know how it go
my poppa put me on the road
had to get it on my own
police lurking on the kid
court cases wiretaps on the phone
remember when you hated on me
now these b*tches always ringing down my line
b*tch you know a n*gga selfish
i could never ever give you all my time
why they tell me that they love me
if they only know we f*cking for the night
she gon bring the cameras for me
buss it open pop it girl you ain’t shy
can’t n0body understand it .38 doing damage
mama told me ima savage
cuff the money f*ck a marriage
a lot of diamonds in the carriage
n*ggas copy like a parrot
rich n*gga out in paris
dropping bombs like a terriorist
all this drip on me had me cc’d up
keep it 8 more than 92 to wit me
cause a lot of n*ggas keep it too 50
so you know a n*gga stay keyed up
designer down to the feet up
no key but i had the key cut
lot of n*ggas wanna be us
1 text and she finna see us yea
yea yea yea yea yea

- slim flock текст песни