29 – soul glo текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

escitalopram. my ssri’s straight up keep me alive, you know i got my predilection. n*ggas know to the cent the cost of their next three steps in any given direction. this means my means for the fees is tree, n*gga please believe i see the irony. it’s so sweet that i’ll keep memories of a degree that put a freeze on my grandma’s medical covering. the tragedy’s not lost on me. escitalopram. sell to buy. seldom buy. microbudget all yr 20’s, not just the bills. the scarcity we’ve always known now counts for yr pills. you’ll never find time to ask why, besides curiosity k!lls. it’s 100 rats for еvery black cat, each promising savings and deals. i feel donе dirty by a net 30, but this is going legit, and not a clear sign corporations are people is clearly bullsh*t. when it’s my time and my dime, processing takes my patience, but when it’s my work it must be immediate. happiness, focus, and balance to all who can pay their sacrificial offering to the ama. thank god for escitalopram

- soul glo текст песни