2k – soul glo текст песни

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i don’t get these n*ggas saying that they lookin for love. if u out here catching feelings cool but i’m backin up. i’m just playin but a n*gga know what he dreaming of, n*gga thats cheeks. free them like meek i need them on me wsup. i need that ass n*gga ain’t no other way to get the point across. u can skip me and grip that loss but my stroke better than bob ross. i need that ass bb lemme beat both at night and in the morning. sunrise nut is so important and yr stank ass breath done made me h*rny. the n*gga in me is me. songs to yeet. soul glo 3 peat. lasting this long, sh*ts a feat. it’s much harder when u wanna do it properly. n*gga i’m a plug for the scene. pop out with the pgw namean. pop out with a stinky pocket for quick cheese. make a fast 40 around the corner my n*gga please. archangel. doin estrogen in the back of a chick*fil*a ain’t know the weather but i know i want some d*ck today. she ask me how i shake it and i told her automatic. then he broke my back call that stroke chiropractic. black superhero hair twist b*tch i’m static. slap a politician now he say he democratic. uh. shock to your head and
your system. don’t it shine don’t it glisten. evil laugh i’m a villain. hahahahahahahaha. my mans moneynicca ate some ass in a cornfield. or was it pumpkins f*ck it dog it’s the same deal. told my n*gga how i got my whole d*mn life changed. f*cked in a trader joe’s and gave my n*gga good brain. they asked me who to choke and i said yours truly. always keep it strapped and i ain’t talkin bout a toolie. b*tch i’m 23 take 11. i put 12 inna tree. lynch mob sh*t. b*tch i’m cra**censored*. u ever f*ck in the back of a u*haul in the early fall super smash brothers brawl?. i beat it up back shots and all. making shordy have to crawl. to the window to the wall. i need the mf ass n*gga. i’ll make our stranger status something of the past n*gga. i ain’t afraid of the taste of the cracc n*gga. i’ll show u everyone u f*cked is f*ckin wack n*gga. i need the mf ass shordy. i’ll make u wonder if a n*gga took a class shordy.i’ll leave u feeling like a bath w some hash shordy. you’ll hit yr ex just to tell them they was trash shordy. my n*gga angel w a foot
on every neck. her ride wait outside while she making n*ggas beg. she told me she got bopped off in a gift shop. and i ain’t seen n0body look as good in a crop top. you could say she gave richmond ice cream. you could say she obsessed w a pipe dream . you could say we both obsessed w a pipe dream

- soul glo текст песни