2000hate – spiders & hearts текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

[verse 1: charlotte]
hey dev
just heard your song on the radio
la’s too hot and it’s still a sh*thole

hey dev
how are things back in london town?
since the [?] went down

[pre*chorus: charlotte]
is [?] still the drug of choice
has amy winehouse still lost her voice

[chorus: charlotte]
it’s ’08, ’08, ’08, it’s still 2000hate
today is ’08, ’08, ’08, and i’m still full of hate

[verse 2: blood orange]
hey [?]
london town’s still full of sh*t
but katy perry’s had a number one hit

tell me
is la the opposite of cold
and lately have you seen [?]
[pre*chorus: blood orange]
is [?] still full of dudes in ray bans
and every other guy in a sh*t band

[chorus: blood orange]
it’s ’08, ’08, ’08, it’s still 2000hate
today is ’08, ’08, ’08, it’s still 2000hate

- spiders hearts текст песни