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i’m getting too hot, i need to cool down
that sh*t is old, boy you need a new sound
not talking money, boy you need to move ’round
say you get money, but boy you a waitress at blue hound
still with the same n*gga, i don’t do new friends
shoutout my brother, 18 with a new benz
i sign a check, give it here, get the blue pen
i got a plan out, i got the blueprint
c*can’t see how y’all n*ggas like to flex fu sh*t
yeah that mixtape trash, yeah that’s some poo sh*t
yeah i make a drop, just like my roof did
took off the top, i need a new lid
i make it pop, just for the movement
yeah, they all believe in the kid
i got diamonds that dance on my wrist now
sippin’ on science, i feel like i’m sid
ran up 2k, no ronnie
got a “0” on my back
dunkin’ on n*ggas, b*tch i feel like bronny
shoutout to my n*ggas in the hood, shoutout lani
get in the industry, make kamikaze
i’m kickin’ the camera, don’t f*ck [with] paparazzi
she get on her knees and that lil’ b*tch gon’ top me
i wonder what lil’ fazo finna’ copy (yeah)
3 bands on a moncler
n*gga, it ain’t even d*mn winter
pray to god like every night, but he still know i’m a sinner
stack up my money, it’s tall like a center
hit from the back, man i guess that’s a fender, bender
say that you getting that money, you flexing your cars, you know that’s a rental (huh)
amiri, that’s all on my denim (hmm)
you say you got racks, but you spent ’em (hmm)
i’m in atl, with my spider faygo, but i’m still spittin’ venom (hmm)
i could never let go
i could never let go
off the lean, so you know i’m slow
count money, count up bank roll
this not cod, send you to the gulag (yeah)
i don’t f*ck with 12, i don’t f*ck with them, oh
decapitated, i think it’s out of hand
push me in the deep end, turn to aquaman
and you flexin’ them pennies, that’s copper, man
sprinkle the heat, like a zatarain
and i’m chillin’ in the club, with a chrome white tee
and i’m in london, with my bro zack b
boy this ain’t goodwill, ain’t nothin’ for free
and my b*tch say she peep sh*t, then peep
when i hit her like a dog, yeah i’ma give her this treat
got a cocaine whip, it’s a all white jeep
and these hoes keep sucking, get off my d
record the hoe, put her on news, nbc

- ssgkobe текст песни