3 minute freestyle – ssn jayden текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

move a boy up like a u*haul
i had to go as soon as the money call
ain’t no builder but call me bob
pull up to the bank, and we get to robbing
bullets start to hit you, and your heart start throbbing
bodies lay in the streets, when the glocks popping
just like protection them doors get to locking
we get that 6 every time we roll dice
soon as the feds call we keep declining
stars so bright but i wish that i was shining
eating that good good like it was food lion
soon as shots fire, bodies get to lying
spend a good amount on a chain
stuck in the mud had to hustle through the rain
im like d’angelo russell i got ice in my veins
he acting funny but he know he a lame
go straight to first class when i hop on a plane
my real ones are serious, while they playing games
i like to keep 100k in my jar
im that emperor like i was a zar
heart been broke a lot so im left with scars
took the weapon and i hit him with the crow bar
fly so high that i went to mars
every time i get the sauce i add it to the dip
took her to a show in my brand new whip
wear a lot of blue but im not a cryp
spicy, spicy like a fajita chip
took that girl to saturn in my new rocket ship
got her dripping so hard she was a cruise
spent 10 racks on a brand new vette
i am a dog but no i ain’t no pet
no im not new to rap i am a vet
yeah im on the east coast not on the west
ain’t no competition so you better try your best
i got girls calling like i was sheck wes
drip so icy that they calling me fresh

- ssn jayden текст песни