2nd hand – staple текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

i want to be alone with the one who loves me
and give her all i own, she is so precious to me
but i’m wrapped around your body
my breath is on your lips
if we truly loved each other we would have thought of this
the leaves are turning* it didn’t take too long
the leaves are falling over* they never were that strong
it’s too late to do it over
i just wish we had gone slower
of all the things i thought we could be
i find you insignificant to mе
i look into her eyes
i’d givе her anything
but i can’t be restored just because i bought her a ring
all the things that she deserves most are the things i gave away
i have died to you
and now we contemplate as you die to me*it would have been worth the wait
long now since we have departed
respect is what we should have started
it’s all been wasted “love” we’ve been through for i am insignificant to you
of all the things i thought we could be* now i wish “we” never would be

- staple текст песни