02 shit remix – stl alex текст песни

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aye i be wearin this drip like im rich
ya six nine snitchin again
while im six ninin b*tches again(ouuu)
n*ggas be hatin and b*tches be fakin
but i never gave a sh*t
this big choppa on my hip i up that b*tch and i let that b*tch rip(brrrrtttt)

lilalex on the track
she throwin it back
and im throwin them racks
do drill on my bmx call it a lil shawn thats facts(facts)
i do my dance on my bed
my b*tch give me head
fill the opps up wit lead
i still never gave a f*ck
im in a fast truck
duckin the feds
im still sippin that lean
glock wit a beam
knockin out yo team
i swat raid yo house
tie up yo spouse
do it for clout
if a n*gga want smoke
he better not choke
put that glock in his mouth
our bullets are d*cks
so when you die you die g*y as f*ck
i be jus chillin
take a rap nap
pop up like im bout to snap
but i ain’t got a studio or nothin
i jus be rappin in the trap
the audio is cr*p
everythings cr*p
but the bars they still slap
i skrt off the lot
i took yo thot
feelin like i hit the jackpot
n*ggas look like crackpots
b*tches takin snapshots
lilalex pull up he got his lil squad
that draco tear his back up
and if he still breathin we back up
pop out like yeah wassup
and my b*tch go crazy if i catch cases
but im used to doin races(zoom)
lilalex im spazzin out
shootin shots without a doubt
im the clout lord pull up right here punch you in yo mouth
lilalex got high pitch voiced but we still trappin we workin it out
b*tch you a hater i’ll f*ck you later these racks gone make you fall out

- stl alex текст песни