3 am in katy – summrs текст песни

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kankan on the beat!

you know what i wanna do, you know (hehe)
you know what i wanna do
you know what i wanna do
you know what i wanna do

wanna get it into you
just let me know how much you wanna do
i been right there next to you
baby girl you the greatest
just face it
i dont want n0body else ’cause they basic
i just wanna let you know that you made it
in my life now ain’t no leavin, you stayin
big body range rove
my heart is so cold
gotta take some chances ’cause baby girl who knows
i just wanna let you know that you are so cold
beat it up b-tch you know that i am a pro
he tryna be me, he wearin the same clothes
smokin that tree-tree, the strain is mango
i’m top teir baby i can’t be a lame-o
can’t let any b-tch have me ’cause these b-tches come and go


kankan on the beat!

- summrs текст песни