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Songtext von bring me down – swollen members lyrics

подождите пожалуйста...

“bring me down”
(feat. saigon)

[intro: saigon]
you ever get the feelin
no matter what they do, no matter what they say
know you’ll make it, some day

[chorus: saigon – singing]
they’ll say i’m a killer
i feel i’m as high as i can be
and now they gon’ die as high as me
i can’t be no realer
y’all ain’t gon’ bring me down [3x]
i can’t be no realer; y’all ain’t gon’ bring me down

you know the feelin when your back is up against in the wall
people say that they love you but you ain’t convinced at all
tell ’em they full of sh-t and they’ll tell you you’re insecure
calling you immature, does that make sense to y’all?
you ever feel like it’s you against the whole world?
like everybody is schemin even your own girl
your homeboy seem to be countin your money
tell em you ain’t got it and he lookin at you funny
i’m feeling like i probably need to either leave the game alone
or either be the g to bang the chrome to get his name known
how does the saigon story end? how?
know what they’re sayin for now?


[mad child]
when mad child step on stage, i cause hysteria
now they won’t let my crazy -ss back in america
eagle labeled me as an illegal evil immigrant
i’m far beyond the magic of a wand inside a wizard’s fist
sharper than the hand of edward scissor’s, i’m a wiz at this
hotter than the desert but i’m colder than a blizzard kid
harder than a prison bid, with god i’m never hesitant
my business it isn’t as amazin as it’s ever been
as long as god allows me to be clever it will never end
sharpen up my axe and i am back, i’m here to sever heads
compulsive obsessive, i’m also aggressive
my mouth is the message, my life is a lesson, my pulse is a blessing


if there’s h-ll below we’re all gonna go; yo curtis mayfield
god and the devil still tryin to level the playin field
some people sayin that this life is all about free will
i’d rather have free rent, and never pay these bills
that’s why i’m thankful every day that i’m blessed with these skills
and mad is still alive after swallowin all those pills
i ride for saigon, new york to the hollywood hills
(the greatest story never told) is now yours to reveal
i feel like helium balloons are stuck up on the ceilin
trying to make that breakthrough before i catch deflated feelings
dying with a heart full of regrets is not amazing either
i’ll just see the gatekeeper, or you meet the grim reaper


[dub version of chorus]

[chorus – echoes at the end]

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