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Songtext von this time of night – t.i. lyrics

подождите пожалуйста...

this time of night
(feat. nelly)

welp, its been real pimp, but it’s bout that time to get up out this b-tch man (this time of night).
yeah, i’m definately finna’ go man, aye have valet bring the ride around for me right quick.
yeah (this time of night) so where y’all finna go? man i don’t know i might go get somethin’ to eat.
say what? with us? well, you sure? you know what time it is?
what we finna’ do it ain’t but one thing to do at this hour man.

[chorus – nelly]
we showin’ up, it’s goin’ down, she throw it up i let her know it now.
it’s 3, 4, 5 in the mornin’ one things for sure at this time of night ain’t nothing open but legs shawty, ain’t nothin open but legs this time of night.
ain’t nothin open but legs shawty, ain’t nothin open but legs this time of night.

[verse 1 – t.i.]
-ss lookin on swole (well godd-mn shawty), long hair pretty toes.
flet stomach, nice face okay she say she wanna ride out to my place.
she wanna bring a friend if it’s alright, only if we get it in with her all night.
we got them bottles on chill, everybody on pills in the air with them heels girl.

[chorus repeat]

[verse 2 – t.i.]
what’s happenin’? excuse me?
lil’ shawty who are y’all? look like that booty phat & i’m on booty call.
don’t approach me if you don’t wanna do it all, before you know, i’ll have ya clothes & ya shoes off.
in the penthouse, gettin’ turnt out,
kinda cold candle’s burnin’ ’til they burnt out.
turned up that bullsh-t we ain’t concerned about, d-ck her down, pull her weave, sweat her perm out.
is ya scared? mama scared, mama say it then,
is you ready mama? okay then.
it’s 3, 4, 5 in the a.m. if you about them games we don’t play them.

[chorus repeat]

[verse 3 – nelly]
you ever kicked it with a superstar? i’ll pick you up in a half a million dollar car.
laid up in a 5-star, b-tt naked got you bent over the mini bar.
yep, that’s how i do baby, exactly how you thought it go, call me mr. paper maybe call me mr. lotta dough.
a lot of dough you ain’t gotta worry, i can take my f-ckin time or i can do it in a hurry.
ima freak & ya know it, put a candle between ya -ss & i blow it.
i’m talkin’ cool whip, apple pie, chocolate cake or ice cream spread into ya inner thigh right into ya know i mean.

[chorus repeat]

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