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подождите пожалуйста...

[t-pain] -h-llo
[girl] -hey baby
[t-pain] -hey boo, how u doin?
[girl] -i’m alright, how u doin?
[t-pain] -i’m straight, everything alright?
[girl] -umm, i guess
[t-pain] -wat u mean u guess?
[girl] -mmm nothin, jus nothin
[t-pain] -why u sayin nothin when it means something?
[girl] -umm, i umm, went to the doctor today
[t-pain] -okay, everything alright?
[girl] -umm, nn-not really
[t-pain] -u pregnant?
[girl] -no
[t-pain (laughs)] -im sayin everything straight then
[girl] -no not really
[girl] -umm, i was told that, that umm i have hiv
[t-pain] -u was told wat?
[girl] -i have hiv
[t-pain] -so u mean u got something like hiv?
[girl] -n-no
[girl] -umm, i have hiv
[t-pain] -u mean to tell me that u have the hiv aids
[girl] -well y…
[t-pain] -well
[girl] -ii-its jus umm hiv right now
[t-pain] -its jus hiv
[girl] -i could eventually
[t-pain] -it could eventually
[girl] -ima have aids
[t-pain] -so u got something that can kill me
[girl] -kill us both
[t-pain] -i mean wat was u thinkin?
[girl] -wat was i thinkin?
[t-pain] -yea, wat was u thinkin?
[girl] -i [laugh] ii dont kno i mean
[t-pain] -and..
[girl] -it was both of us
[t-pain] -and this is funny to u because
[girl] -umm, n-no but u kno im jus sayin it was jus u kno…
[t-pain] -jus sayin
[girl] -it was both of us
[t-pain] -tsss, u kno wat?, i mean we jus gotta do wat we gotta, u kno wat i love u and we jus gon make it work
[girl] – i love u 2 boo

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