1-800 call tae retro – tae retro текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

what? what? uh
tae retro
droppin’ heat and never startin’ beef, that’s what i specialize
i can see the fake in all you n*ggas, need a new disguise
some will act like fans, but be the first ones to criticize
i got way too much up on my plate that i can’t jeopardize
ayy, tae retro

you can catch me on tv, like contestants of a gameshow
she ain’t droppin’ neck, then i’m confused on what she came for
you the type to buy the onlyfans, but you still shame ho’s
[?] on tracks, this ain’t funny, i ain’t tame, bro
n*ggas in the booth with top hats, they just cap a lot
they ain’t nothin’ my business, i just chill, plus i rap a lot
reasons i ain’t fail? i don’t know, i just plan a lot
tae retro the main protagonist, i can change the plot
1*800 ho’s be ringin’ numbers, this no hotline
tae retro, i’m known to make a hit with all these hot lines
how come n*ggas never on they grind? i can’t stop mines
got a cape to save the rap game, i don’t fight crime
tis the season for these ho’s to hang, like some ornaments
on the beat i’m throwin’ straight punches, world tournament
i’m the head honcho in the game, y’all subornments
on my way to your girls crib, i got the coordinates
flexin’ and finessin’ like i’m posted in my neighborhood
snappin’ all night, don’t hear complaints, i wish a neighbor would
n*ggas couldn’t pass me if they tried, that is understood
n*gga’s sick his girl spent the night, she on my morning wood
uh, tae, uh
duh*duh*duh, ha
bro, this beat’s so crazy, bruh, kevin you went stupid
tae retro, uh, tae retro
hold on tae retro

- tae retro текст песни