160lbs of fury – takaru текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

(i embrace the skeleton) i embrace myself
(of the one i love) in front of the mirror
(she is dying) reflections show me
(and i blame everyone in this room) and tell i’m not
(there is no salvation here)

i can’t fight what now has me
beauty: the commodity
i become precious to see
according to such imagery
i never thought this would be
where they’d be reminding me

conditioned carnal desire
straps us to the same pyre
this time, we’ll respond in kind
and we’ll burn as bright as we can

burn as bright as we can
as bright as we can
exactly as we are
exactly as we are

(there) out of thin air
(is) we’ll appear
(beauty) and declare
(here) “we’re beautiful”

- takaru текст песни