01 azoon – tardast текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

01 azoon / marwa

verse i
desire of dawn
believe in everything that didn’t exist
we closed and opened our eyes under the indigo dome
and bruised eye
i walked, on feet, bless
there’s another sunset in center of my mind
still got a heart same size as ocean
i ain’t counting my gone days
a kid surrounded by wolves in the city
still looking towards the door
aqajoon (grandpa), fresh bread in his hand
step by step, breath to breath
pure without insincerity
flew out of the cocoon to the afterlife
and empty of this ugly world we made
me? i passed and asked myself
i saw myself and i did myself
it gets to the war and they fought me
i became to a tune and they danced me
i lost myself for no reason;
i’ve knocked myself out battling with one of my own
the beliefs turned back (away) from religion and as long as i understood more i got calmer?
, no fear left, felt my pulse in me steps
there was no border anymore
each breath in shock
tune of adhan (azan) got me confused each time
kept seeing them me, the world’s gorgeous but brutal people inside
is it the circle? im circling then!
if it goes like that everyday im impatient
ain’t have no lights on and colors
im going then, till they can’t get me confuse easy
verse ii “1:38*9:
but i went each time and i got back to it
and my file dropped down from me hand quick
(kicked out of schools)

year to year still looking for a better year
learnt to keep ma head up
even in heart of the enemy
i was a kid, they k!lled my childhood
it became my beginning
ina more upside down world

saw city’s situation is terrific
i became dirtier each time and
how much i wanted to become rain
raining again on line to line
paper, ink and tomorrow’s vision
these are became my portion
stay let me get calmer
back into you to be my portion again?
i used to loving myself
now what’s left from me to believe?
im a seeker
looking for movement, fighting, overflow
im going forward to become a dream
if im a loser, im looking for revenge
im a dry seed but to be honest with you im a
fruitful plant(seedling) in my vision
soil gets wet and the hope of that day
makes me bless everyday
still enchanted with my repeat
am landlord of my ego
na, no silence until i pass away
im fighting, there’s no limits
im that stateless who has no borders
good to being on repeat
you should listen to me too
maybe it was on purpose
if they said our role has no profit
no more chat about calculation and rights
me ears filled up
me empty pockets became
my motivation for growth
verse iii 2:50*1:
as jeyhoon sunsets, it sounds like adhan (azoon)
im alone with myself
someone’s talk, i get stutter
he feel sorry for me, saying from this and that
to make me feel less fear
till i realize he’s me, cutting off from everyone
tell me where will this joke journey lead us?
tell me stay with me
tell me stay with me
so this dream won’t fade away

told that to me
from that belief got squashed under the boots..
told that to me
from that empty table of working kid
told that to me
from them nights
when they caught them in silence
it became an issue under the name of clergy
it became a reason for us to grow
till we become a hope in marwa(omen) season
im your sound, be my sound
coldness will pass, just like every year
we’re keep changing
the road of success opens in front of us
we just locked inside a format
a fresh mind which is still raw
he’s full of fear
city’s full of challenge
and bare trenches
but walk on with me, we got our legs still
if they wrapped our wings and chained our ankles
don’t go stay with me
don’t let them prison your notion
don’t go stay with me
let’s get the hearts back from the roots
your place is in the skies
become change’s traveller and me, manteq
let break the barriers in our path*
bin the race, promising the change
forming from the start
and stronger for the new 100
a fresh you and me who can’t go wrong
if weapons and guards are lots in alleys
but the new me and you can’t sleep anymore

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