03 goriz – tardast текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

03 goriz / marwa

intro (gomnam):
i’ve kissed the soil
i paved the way
heart was bl**dy
heart was bl**dy
i was seeing today

verse i
took my step
my body passed the border
all memories will stay
knocking the truck cabin is danger
you’re on top of it? love that!
going on ground to a land to make a dream
for tomorrow’s freedom in a wider path
again, sound of silence
feds after clothes till pointless advises
where are you minding? what are you want? where should i come?
this is your daily plan
me p*ssing on money, color, arrow, opposition
,class, book and khomeini’s picture on the moon? losers, posh kids, corrupts has virtual storе, becoming brave boy figure suddеnly? model and dollars
which you don’t have in your pocket
they’re upside down all always
has sharp dagger in hand
its tardast not scare of non
but thirsty for them k!llers blood
leaving my land to become stateless
giving my life, an ink from blood
and me wrote anything it said
saw from injustice and sang about hope
the only vivid in my dead heart
said religion’s obstacle, k!lled my god
said get away with politic you enemy!
said you’re not one of us you’re hypocrite!
you’re dying if you calling
told him there’s no panic in my way
carrying on till you become my sound
he scared and gone, was a mercenary
still linked to the regime
my eyes raining in this land’s exile
still the one with issue na i won’t get sorted
look i am who i am
long term distance made me outsider (qaribeh)
weird this rap became the only medicine
to survive, to kneading me
bars to bars becomes a sentence
the game of me hand moves
become a lively thing
line to line breading me if i become starve
make it to going further
saw it’s blocked in front of them but mine’s not
haji i’m looking for right
im syncing with you
in curse and spit
is my way slippy?
na i’m slipping coz me shoes has no grip
yeah reckless i am, left out to find treasure
me words not spelling in your mind?
okay i left that’s right
but i believe my heart is still the same

took my step but my heart stayed
took my heart and my roots sang
eyes full of tear, heart full of sorrow
one day im dumb, one day g*nius
its good bitter isn’t it? just like my taste
sometimes calm, sometimes thunder
an invalid vote in this sorrow land
all comes in front of my eyes once i blinking
can’t walk by the tesco fridges still
what i want from the world in front me though?
them days’s phase is just a memory
boots and combat vibe
wandering around europe
ina truck full of flowers
should we go holland for a beer?
we’re going holland with a van
the feds are all around you
the new cargoes has arrived, full of g*nius inside!
slept on all kind of import products and
arrived one day..
now i’m right ere
now i’m right ere
it was all bitter i tasted it in all ways and
lost my sense of taste
everyone’s ill
but awake..
now am digging it, no borders
full of light in my heart and silence in my head
therefore, no more else to say
no more border has left
my hands are far far still
this city’s dead just like back*home
the leader’s greetings are fake
its the hammer on hanged people’s forehead

- tardast текст песни