05 mardom – tardast текст песни

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05 mardom * marwa

them wrote an anthem
generally in noise (showoff)
although they’re doing it with love
but they’ll fall
pockets are full
these been eating onion
stink of slogan
they’re actors in jackal’s role
then becomes snake
everyone’s viper
i got bitten by bees
antidote knotted
under my skin
u say “
why you pruning?
are you from relatives or foreign s?
he thinks of separatism
his eyes ain’t see nothing
not enough mind depth
his view is traditional
harassing me with his mind frame

he say they’re lots just like him
but empty of any chat
haji showing off with his name
azhan till kalan till baseej till sepah
all built based on people
(here is four different used names for feds/security organs in different governments during iran’s recent history)
tell me what else left now?
what you want me to say now ha?
everyone’s are people, everyone!
me mouth is crooked
me tongue ain’t mute am more rational
more dynamic than tv they’ve muted sounds on right
all we heard was lie, greeting in front you
vocal group? silent!
full of demagogues in alley
between the people
they saying they’re bless as usual
few step further haji won’t they fall down?

clear political conversation inside the taxi
would you mind it or would you pass?
are you looking for troubles?
draw your way with pen
a straight line to your goals?
don’t come out of your line?
its all lie
break the norm and get ready to bloom
sing a new song for your people if your sound has been eavesdropping
its all recession on this wrong system
how far honor and welfare gets from you?
rubbing your packet for hamas and najaf
you’d lost your head they
calling you “free” in the endz
forces are heading to syria in russia’s turbulence
there are all bad jokes and words conflict
springs to the freedom
(bahar*e*azadi is some type of gold coin’s name
most using as variables between businesses in iran
which means “freedom spring coins!” )
rials to rupiahs
in this weak bazaar thats a good convert..
full packets and dirt of hands
am a figure, blue like ocean’s colour
my tribe is from the rage descent
its not possible to going wrong on your way
you won’t get there without god”
then you become exactly like me again
everyone’s after superstition
everyone’s lookalike each other
more lonely than before
each ending is the new start for me na?
lets start then
a pulse beating inside me, am alive still
zooming on people around sunset
zooming into their eyes till they leak how thirsty this eye arrows are
my chat stinks , smell it ha
its smells smoke
me lung are dead but my thoughts
smells good still
going to the light direction
my sunrise in middle of the night
awake as the past
maybe na he can’t hatred on anyone
he’d get to the end without praying and getting into two characters
when its busy around him

sometime yellow, sometime near to people
(colors of iran presidential winner parties for past eight years)
what about us?
will stay on our thing
we are on our way
always has requests
whats the point going for therapy?
when me cure is still my pen
it won’t see me less around him
its helpful like god sometime
busy playing with words
haji spit on them if they’re just a slogan
(spit “tof”, pretty much means i swear that these are all truth and f**k them if they not)

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