1life2live – tha god fahim текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

when we were kings
but due to the homicidal fiends
might find yourself in front of the steam
i need a queen to kiss the scars on a king
look in the sky and see me in the stars
sp*ce shuttle the car, in life, we raisin’ the bar
let hammers blaze for your face from afar
pick up the sh*lls, sometimes my hood is [?] to h*ll
definite grave or it’s life in a cell
megalithic thoughts, we hope to prevail
in the era of trump, my n*ggas play the park bench with the pump
i’m no chump, i’m no punk
yo, hold me down when i ain’t feelin’ up to par
stressin’ this morning, locked my keys in the car
i think the extra*dry is takin’ over, from the fountain of youth
will i make it over? lost on the mountain of truth
i feel it takin’ over, feel the rain, the weather gets colder
no solitude for this soldier
study data with the behavior of a gladiator
commit the drive*bys out the navigator
my neighborhood is like south central
but catch me at the park, central, five*star prayers at temples
they depicted us as savage, no mental
in a dragon’s lair; “be more civil”
i had to belittle the gestures of a pivotal under*minded individual
’cause where i’m from, the angels is invisible
i’ll let the gun send subliminals, and you can be another typical
n*gga left in critical

- tha god fahim текст песни