3.27 – thatdudeeq текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

this is it bruh i’m lookin right at, i’m lookin right at the crowd right now

(what we doing then)
i wish a n*gga would
(wish a n*gga would)
i wish a n*gga would
(wish a n*gga would)
its whoever

how can i not be bout this life when it’s just this life that i have
first to hop up out the squad when you had said you’s gon last
ima have to run into my future i’m afraid of my past
come from the bottom of success you know i’m right on that ass
you only got time for one more story, i see the smoke in the glass
lord can judge me all he want, i keep my faith in my path
just promise me you’ll patient ma that’s all that i ask
lord protect me from all evil while i accomplish my task

i wish a n*gga would try to count us, discount us, not allow us
welcome to the legion i got many of us
mind over matter so there’s none above us
forget the old ways, it’s the choke
days, many broke day
let the haters fade away
all this time i had to make a way
so we can never let them takeaway
is you bout the eat or bang or play
the f*ck am i supposed to say (the f*ck am i supposed to say)
do you have the heart the learn today

(it’s my reality)
my momma told me that
(my reality)
they was gonna use your energy because you young
then they gonna throw you to the side as soon as they could
(ain’t been chosen, we chose it)
i guess that’s true
(we chose it, we chose it, we chose it)
but uh
we do it anyways
(we chose it)
what else is there?

i guess you could
but i never really thought you should

edwin called so now it’s time to make a choice
put up 80 just to kobe for the boys
couple thousand out there screamin makin noise
we the n*ggas got you n*ggas makin noise
everyday i put the burner on the block
2 step verified by the time i’m walkin through lot
we never stop
out here rocky, all my dreams are at the top
you a crop, dead weight, gettin treated like a prop
mia, gia wit the envy tell her swing my way
like luke cage, n*gga walkin through the walls like a parade
your charades, make you not the one, no not here today
pink charades, see the dynasty, ferro sh*t dont play
you a b*tch, we ain’t never switch, on my gba
marvin g*ye, ima get it on, saucin wit the j
at the crib, i might be alone, stayin out the way
wrote this sh*t on a bad day, form some good days
5inco really got me askin folk now where the funk
move like bishop through the time zone, i’m still the sh*t
i’ma buss it through the red light, what they gon say
dream about the stop every night, i know the way
on my life ace
(that day i)
could of died so na f*ck it now i’ma live life
i got a one up, so thankful i got to think twice
n*gga dodged the charge and i’m still alright
n*gga dodged the charge and i’m still alright

- thatdudeeq текст песни