3 straps – thayungin313 текст песни

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smoking big backwoods to the face got me wheezing
put a fake check in yo name now i’m leaving
i could give a f*ck about a b*tch that’s what i’m thinking
money on the chase n*gga that’s what i’m needing
if the punch green then i’m f*cking around and leaving
(tha yungin)
might hit up western union now i’m sending and receiving
pop another percocet gone for the weekend
(tha yungin)
them sh*lls hit the ground then that n*gga started bleeding
f*cked her on the road now im back to the scheming
(tha yungin)
sprite and hi*tech n*gga that’s what i’m drinking
i’m tryna get a bag n*gga that’s what i’m thinking

these n*ggas so broke that they can’t shop at neimans
this b*tch made me mad and made me go up in the stash
i pulled 30 on her ass now she want a chanel bag
(tha yungin)
bro was out of town so i had to mail that
and i vacuum sealed the bag you can’t even smell that
he was sick as h*ll when he seen me in that h*llcat
got 50 racks on me so i ride with 3 straps

(rrg cap)
i heard the n*gga raps but the sh*t was all cap
finna do a hit ski mask and all black
put his body in the back yea throw his ass in the back
i was smoking on some pack, turn a opp to some pack
i don’t never ever lack b*tch i keep my strap
556 and a fn what i got
you a stuart little n*gga heard yo ass was a rat
shoot yo ass dead in yo top n*gga cat in the hat
i just popped me a 8 this sh*t got me blinking
i don’t even give a f*ck cuz i’m in here thinking
pop a perky that’s a 30 this sh*t got me sinking
im off a 4 of that wok this sh*t got me leaning
i shoot a n*gga in his top then i’m out of here leaving

(tha yungin)
pulled up on a n*gga left his family grieving
kept sliding on that n*gga yea he thought we was even
b*tch i’m smoking on exotic so i’m barely breathing
put the red beam on him ain’t no bobbin n weaving
caught a opp while he leaning
n*gga plotting on a l!ck yea he thought he was scheming
i scammed a n*gga out his bread now my phone keep ringing
i poured a 5 in my pop what the f*ck was i thinking
i shot a n*gga with a ar now his body keep leaking
(rrg cap)
b*tch we smoking big woods while yo ass steady fiening, b*tch

- thayungin313 текст песни