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Songtext von gas station – the cool kids lyrics

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“gas station”
(feat. bun b)

so certified usda brand dude from pa man
this ugk and i’m rockin my ray bans mirror lens tinted up
servin these boys so place your orders out
send em up
blue plate special with the blue paint drippin
carolina blue j’s on my feet
and i ain’t trippin dippin one deep
f-ck it two matter fact quatro me chuck mikey and once he left out four
sweet james jones grippin sweet grain holmes
it’s a b-mpy ride ahead so you best to hang on
we kamikaze style and we bout to get it gungho
84 go ritz on 84 the trunk is hung low
fifth wheel trickin got the boppers in my sight
i bust a u-y at the intersection catch em at the light
yo what’s cracking for tonight?
cause if you ain’t got a plan i got a man and we could hook up something tight just make a right into the gas station

i got my hands full
the full force force and d’s
trumps in the tape player
88 cutl-ss supreme
with 6 grade tables all eyes on me
nas used that same beat when he spit street dreams
my mom drove a coursica we was in the back seat
looking out the window imagination real big dreams
i set a new standard for who felt like me
demonstrator style wild flagrant fouls can’t screen
showing you the big picture the complete hd
dvr rewind it back you wouldn’t believe
said i bring that old thing back and they couldn’t believe it

airfares way more for a trip to a?

the petrol is 5 bucks, i can’t believe it
what the f-ck is the deal
we too dependent on that barrel
it’s the way of the world
keep shifting it’s gears man
i gotta fill up, you want something from in here?

throw it reverse for some shorty with the works
write my number on some paper then throw it in her purse
as i ride by first things first
9 times out of the 10 that cool sh-t usually works
it’s 70 degrees i’m in a short sleeve shirt
without wearing a jacket put seeds in the earth
i’m growing money trees in my front yard
let me water my lawn
i make it look so easy it hurts
let me get my other dollar back
know i have change cause the chicken wrap don’t cost more than i gave fool
man you can keep that buck and all my n-gg-s in the range roves just keep trucking
same picture in the frame so selling suede hats and the rain won’t work but one try won’t hurt me
lucky number 10s and a rondo jersey
be at the gas station you can get in the front seat

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