100 bars – the game текст песни

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man, what the f*ck, man
the f*ck, oh, sh*t
one of you n*ggas stank, man

man, that’s not me, motherf*cker

hey, yo, yo, yo (that’s*)
yo, sh*t smell like p*ss up in here, man
no way n0body came in this motherf*cker, man
one of you n*ggas f*cked a p*ssy ass b*tch up in this crib, man

i ain’t f*ck nothing, man (sh*tty ass b*tch, that’s you)
nah, nah, remember the door was halfway open
when we came in?
yo, that muf*cker at the front desk, man

that’s f*cking him doing it, man, f*ck him, man
that n*gga, that n*gga done p*ssed on your sh*t, bro
that n*gga done p*ssed on my f*ckin’ adidas
man, i know that n*gga done p*ssed on my adidas

nah, you know why? you know why?
n*gga, you went in the f*ckin’ office room
complaining about the f*cking toilet, man (no)
you told him f*ck you, man

no, you told him f*ck you
i told him suck my d*ck
it was some way, man
how does a n*gga p*ss in a n*gga room, man?
this a whole paint job

n*gga p*ssed on my f*cking adidas, man
somebody gotta pay for these sh*ts
(for real, huh)

- the game текст песни