ras trent – the lonely island текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

jah! rastafarianism
yes i, ras trent
ba-da ding-ding-ding-ding whooaaaaa!
who dem?
you no want test me champion sound

oh fire pon babylon
and fire pon a batty boy
rude boy living in the shanty dorms
my roommate nick is an ignorant ballhead!

now chant down babylon
midterm essays
then puff from de chalice
i fi make from a sprite can

last week i read a book
about sel-ssie i
then told my bomboclat parents
i was switching religions

excuse i!
oh hot stepper, you do so many dutty crimes
and plus you’re fully skylarking all the time

unnu look ya now!

have you ever noticed
how ball-heads suck?
ba-da-da ding-ding-ding-ding
dong-dang ding-dong duck!

excuse i for my sk-nking
give thanks and praise
me toil part-time
at jah cold stone creamery

in a dub style!
roller skates…a dvd of cool runnings…murder, she wrote
yagga-yagga-yagga yowwww!

are you there jah? it’s me, ras trent
are you there jah? it’s me, ras trent

are you there jah? it’s me, ras trent
please guide me [mumbles] pon your bike path of righteousness

oh stannaho, stannaho, stannaho, stannahoy jaaaah!
fussing and fighting and zion and roots
red stripe, shabba, ragam-ffin and culture
me night nurse never want to plant de corn
diddily, skiddily diddily diddily…[fades out]

- the lonely island текст песни