31 candles – the mendoza line текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

you left me in the bar
for the skirt with the acoustic guitar
she’s got such promise
and boy, you’d like to see what she can do

your dinner is fast
you’re gonna be a mentor
gonna make make make a mother shape
or reinvent her, uh, huh

she follows all your work
got a f-cking kitty on her shirt
you told your god you worn out soul
only one step from losing control

you know 31 candles
don’t a woman make
you didn’t never give me nothin’
always, take, take, take, uh, huh

thought your package was for me
christ i should have known better
you couldn’t even face me
you wrote me in a letter uh, huh

come on over honey
grab your pants and get your sh-t
she’s drawing blueprints, laying marble
build a shrine around your d-ck

blow up the balloons
take out the ribbons in her hair
she’ll be a woman soon
god forbid self possessed and self aware

stroke her supple skin
you know she may not fare as well as me
i’m thinking 5 more years to go uh, huh

no, you never met my mother
you’re so much for the better
but you’d say, “f-ck me”
if you saw her in a sweater, uh, huh

31 candles
do not a woman make
you l!ck the salt off all your wounds
and l!ck the icing off my cake

- the mendoza line текст песни