19 in the 20’s (remastered) – the new jam текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

i ship out this morning
it’s bright and the sun is high
no one came to see me
no one cared to say good bye

well i’m 19 in the 20’s
what a way to start a decade
19 in the 20’s

and the place we’re going (going)
it’s to hot, and the air is dry (way too dry)
and i don’t know what i’m doing here (what are we doing?)
n0body told me (why) why
(19, 20, 19, 20)

i’m 19 in the 20’s
and they don’t care how many we lose
19 in the 20’s

and i remember thinking that we can’t leave

‘cuz i’m 19 in the 20’s
i’m running far away now
19 in the 20’s

thoughts are coming fast now, and fast then
and i don’t really even know what’s wrong
what is right?
things are happening in front of the light
i am travelling down a bumpy road and i don’t even know where i am going
are we gone or are we left behind, are we here
and am i right?
when we’re 19 in the 20’s

- the new jam текст песни