3 cheers 4 me – the pettit project текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

still on this losing streak (still trying to clear my mind) still on this cr-ppy team (and leave the past behind)
our colors are blue and red (you’re f-cked up in the head) and i’m the goalie captain quarterback of the team called the “obsessive x-boyfriends”

3 cheers for me
i’m gonna get over you finally
i can sleep and i can see you in my dreams
its been 5 years and 6 weeks
i’ve turned my back on my dignity
now its time to clear my mind
and convince myself that you’ve died

and its been too long
and i’ve been fight fight fighting
to figure out my wrongs
but as of this writing
i’ve reviewed the game tape a hundred times
and when our love was at stake
i threw you a fake and sent out my best line

- the pettit project текст песни