12 year old brother diss track – the prince family текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

yeah, okay, bro
prince family, you already know how to come back greedy myself
they gon’ disrespect you on my own platform like this
watch what i do next, let’s get it
let’s go!

bro said, i’m always using uber
just to pull up to my lambo i ride a scooter
oh, he’s clout chasing and using my name
i took you on that shopping spree and i made it rain
this the things i get, now you want my chick?
you can’t afford her, your whole life is counterfeit
take your ass back home, little boy, you a fraud
how you twelve years old and still p*ss on your b*lls?
can you not see? this boy needs a tutor
homie so short, so i get him a booster
he got no friends, he’s a sore loser
he got mental problеms just like them school shooters
you havе no drip, swag drier than a biscuit
if you had more money, she still wouldn’t risk it
your bet from texas, a bet is a bet
i exposed you already, ayo, who is next?
that was talking crazy too, yeah, that n*gga sweet
he went to prison for some years, they had a moaner sneeze
it makes sense now, how he got a quick release?
was working overtime, he sucked them boys to sleep
you say, you brought me in this world and you gon’ take me out
last time i checked you got your ass knocked out
dad, do you know that i made you?
your ex*wife, don’t forget that she played you
her new n*gga, he took your spot
he took your family, he even took your crockpots
he took your dub, only left you with some draws
i would be hurt too if i was that all
are you serious? i’m just curious
i would take all from you, super fast as hermès
dad, you fifty and still makin” babies
last time i checked, you hardly even raised me
you had my mom alone out here and she was goin’ crazy
all that time lost, how you gon’ repay me?
you can’t, now it’s time to move on with our life
you replaced me with him and you didn’t think twice
d*mn, it’s all cool, i’m not really tripping
when i came up, i made sure you was winning
i bought you that dream car, you became thirsty
used my name for clout, you became thirty
took you years to come around, i guess, now i’m worthy
i always wanted to beat you and rock the same jersey
now i’m on your top and this is not a prank
i’m first, you last, according to our ranks
people look at it, it’s different
you can’t even walk into my bank
you older than me, i’m doing sh*t that you can’t
he’s an impostor, he got all grey hairs
everyday, he’s using this black dye sprayer
time is up, y’all ran out of clout
i won the championship, now i’m signing out

- the prince family текст песни