i don’t like the look of it – the rangers текст песни

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“i don’t like the look of it”

you see it’s ranger$ n-gg-
you know what it is
we them four dudes
that influence all the kids and
yeah we came from nothing
but we finna have it all
on our way to the top
we could die if we fall
all the haters and the fakers make us greater
n-gg-s be talking nonsense i need translater, wait up
i’m on the grind cause i’m skater cool
10 seconds from the finish line
i’ll see you later dude, ha
so cuff your girl, oh we’re gonna take her
let me hit it like a dodger
cause i’m balling like the lakers
from the city of angels
and i’m flying with the highest
till’ my wings get tangled we tight you can’t deny it.

the top is where we climbing to
don’t need no help, nahh it’s cool
n-gg-s tryna’ sign us too
whatchu think that i’m a fool?
n-gg-s tryna’ make they own money and they’re game
cause they want their own fame
and this game is not the same, you could blame
all these television gangsters
reason why i said that cause they all a bunch of fakers
but we the ranger$, the stranglers
we ain’t no gang members but all we make is bangus
i don’t like the look of this
and i don’t like the look of that
if a b-tch try to set me up i hit her with a “slap”
just for fun, you see us coming far away you better run.

see the swag so mean but the style so clean
old spice wish that it could be as fresh as me
but that’s mission impossible
n-gg- you tom cruisin’
i’m just cruisin’ who looking for a bruisin’
dude i’m fly, captain of the plane
in the c-ckpit doing things you never seen
fresh white t poppin’
skinny jeans rockin’
it’s ranger$ all day and them haters we knocking
so n-gg- ‘shut up’
don’t get me started, deadliest warrior and i’m the star of it
i’m aiming with my bow, and ya’ll n-gg-s is the target
i don’t think you want beef, so don’t get me started

it’s the eve of destruction swaggin’ heavy you a light weight
steppin’ to the party like a bus yo’ b-tch i’m gonn’ take
bout to get ugly like a chick on a blind date
you n-gg-s hungry? ohh well cause i ate
and i don’t go through like
looking for a soulmate
i’m bout my fast bake so slow cake i won’t take
steppin’ up to the bat, so let me reach homeplate
my money don’t stay still, b-tch it rotate
wait, tell me why you hating, i don’t see no f-cking reason
i ball year round while you n-gg-s waiting for the season
chewed up the beat, like the instrumental bleeding
after i smash your girl, well you know that i deleted her.

- the rangers текст песни