i’m a monster – the rangers текст песни

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“i’m a monster”

i’m a goblin, i’m a beast i’m a-
f-ckin’ monster in the sheets, i’m a
grab your girlfriend, i’m a speak
’cause she’s my type gotta leakin’ like a pipe
that’s right little n-gg-, who you boys talkin’ ’bout
rangers there, that’s all your girl talk about
x-rated, bleep it out, hold on i’m goin’ in
call the me boogey monster, got her screamin’ juliannnnn
yeah, and i’m a go getter
wasn’t on mysp-ce she hit me on twitter
so i tweet, she tweet, we meet and beat
like a heart she a freak under the sheets, so sweet
good grief, but i ain’t charlie brown
she linus, got a blanket every time i’m ’round
’cause she wanna get it, and i’m a admit it
yeah i wanna hit it but don’t think i’m a quit it
i’m a monster

i’m langston, a monster, your daughter
loch ness, yeah i’m goin’ underwater
only if it’s clean though, swag so mean though
no i ain’t omarion but i can make her scream oooo
now she wanna be my main
she wanna chill like the ice on my chain
her s-x game is crazy, her brain is insane
i’m a monster it’s runnin’ through my veins

i’m a beast that’s right, i’m a monster
my fist pull chicks when i don’t want to
the beats crazy and my rhymes vicious
i’m too mannie and i’m bout to rip this
’cause i’m the one that throw it up
flip it ’round, love it when she make the sound
hit the ground, tear it down
man i’m beastin’ pound for pound, hah
and when she sleep real sound
i’m back to the club and i’m back on the prowl

i’m a animal, i’m a i’m a animal
i’m a handle you, like i was a cannaibal
you know i’m dayday, aka danger
bad bunch rangers, pr boyz tameless (ok)
you know i’m the best
a monster and i got the girls calling me
they poppa, got it on lock
baby what’s the combination
me plus you and your friends, new relations

i’m your cookie monster, come here let me munch you
you can fight with him girl, i just wanna love you
girl you like my sidekick, i’ll be all up on you
i’m flyer than superman and i don’t need no phone booth
when i rock your boat i capsize it to the ocean
rub her down with lotion, give her my potion
she say that she love me, but i don’t do devotion
i came to get you open, i came to make you scream (yeah)

i’m a monster

- the rangers текст песни