precious one – the roses текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

she kind of makes him lazy
she kind of makes him sad
she kind of reminds him of the
things he had
he kind of loves the way she talks and
draws back her curls
he knew from the minute she walked in
he wouldn’t trade her for the world
he wouldn’t do that to his precious girl
(not to his woman)

he kind of makes her happy
he kind of makes her bored
she kind of wonders if he’s the one
she’s been looking for
(are you the love i’ve been looking for)
she wonders about the time they
took to enjoy
(was the time we spent meant to enjoy?)
she’s often tempted to say
to find another one on whom to cloy
(stop cloying on me!)
she wouldn’t do that to her precious boy
(not to her fella)

let them find their place where all is one
let them let their mysteries come undone
let them quench innocuous desires
no matter if one or both are liars
history is leaving me aghast
but i cannot rectify the past
where are your feelings now?

(i want to be your precious one)
now that your perversions lie with me
now that all your love is atrophy
who will come to soothe your senseless mind?
what will become of your lives entwined?
i know that you meant not to intrude
i know you were merely in the mood
but did you?

- the roses текст песни