1995 – theadamsmasher (tols) текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

[intro: theadamsmasher (tols)]
yo yo
today is my birthday so i figured i’d give y’all something
something light you know what i’m saying?
anyway, enjoy it, and imma see y’all when i see y’all
that album coming, trust
let’s get it

[verse 1: theadamsmasher (tols)]
it’s the big 21, time to break out the cage
focus with my lens, grab my life by the reins
if i hear another facade of a fake gangster
then i swear, that they’re gonna run my fade

i’m taking over the game, you better duck from the shots
i’m swiping up my piece of success, you with me or not?
cause there’s no more limits, there’s no more mental prisons
i’m all about that wisdom, i’m all about my business

it’s mr. clean as a whistle, you can keep that dirt
my arrival is on the way, you gon’ get this work
i’m an engineer in the day, a superhero in the night
and the strive [?] force is the reason that i fight

the quest for inner peace is what keeps me alive
a chance to crush all evil is what gives me my drive
’till my very last breath crime is gonna take a nosedive
even if i have to endure every sting from a beehive

i gotta get this money, it’s time to go live
cuase at the end of the day i gotta eat to survive
but that’s my birthday spiel, its about 5:45
session log, june 24th 1995

[hook: theadamsmasher (tols)]
yeah, it’s my birthday
yeah, yeah, it’s my birthday
yeah, it’s my birthday
june 24th 1995
lets go!

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