16th street – them coulee boys текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

behind those long eyelashes, you can hide last night advantage
i saw you, you saw me, i smiled, and you turned away

i’ve made my share of excuses and i’m done with all this abuse
if i followed you home and stood on your doorstep tonight
would you mind if i stepped inside?

i made my way up the stairs and i stayed where you put me there
yeah you said that you loved me, i smiled said, “i love you too”

i’ve got ahead of myself no but i’m not regretting this now
and if i grabbed your hand and we danced in your kitchen tonight
would you mind if i stayed inside?

now we’re dancing, dancing in the dim light
because you got about one light in your whole d*mn house
no, i can’t see you, oh but i can feel you take my heart and you ripped it out
but when you ripped it out, you ripped it open like you were hoping that i would
stand on your tiptoes and keep your lips close and we’ll keep dancing like we should

- them coulee boys текст песни